Christmas gift for Tobi!

I wonder what Christmas story I’d write this year…

In case you didn’t get to read this…

Merry Christmas from Me2U! 😍

Stefikal's Blog

So 2015 gradually gets ready to close curtain and I look back and it’s mostly been a year that had variety. I’ve had periods of laughter, tears, pain, contentment, frustration, love, loneliness, all you can think of… But at the end of it all, I’ve come out stronger and fulfilled. Thank God for 2015 and I praise Him for though 2016 is still a puzzle, we’d come out victorious and fulfilled too.

Compliments and happy new year in advance. Enjoy this story as my Christmas gift to you my friends… Lol.



The beeps from his phone had done nothing to call his attention, he had his mind occupied with thoughts that were set to consume him.

Who would believe it was December already? The year had started just like yesterday. He walked into the shower and had a quick bath, he needed to cool his head at least, he…

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