Where’s my chicken??

MERRY CHRISTMAS 😘😍 to you all… πŸ™Œ

Today’s 26th though, forgive me. I had a flat battery for the most of yesterday.

Some weeks back, I made a video of myself singing and wishing you guys a Merry Christmas, but WordPress and Airtel network collaborated and refused to allow me shine. 😠

The video has refused to upload till today. 

That’s a screenshot of my big head ‘trying’to sing. It’s not the way the gift comes, right? Isn’t it the intent?😁 

The intent is love oooo, love from Christ through me to your awesome self. 

Seasons greetings from Stefikal to YOU. I wish you peace and lifelong fulfillment as 2016 takes a bow and 2017 is set to be unveiled.

Have fun! Show love!! Live right!!! 

But wait ooo! Where’s the chicken you’re supposed to give me? Hope you didn’t eat it all alone? πŸ˜πŸ˜€


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