Letting go of 2016 or not 

​In the next 24 hours, a couple of things would have changed. The date for starters will no longer have to end with 2016.

I won’t bother dwelling on the things that would change, I’m simply concerned about the things that would remain the same. 

Image source: physics.stackexchange.com
You spent the last couple of months in 2016 living with regrets, and you intend going into the new year with no change of heart. 

You spent the greater part of 2016 swindling people, deceiving friends and foes, hurting others. And yet you feel no remorse neither do you have plans to make amends.

You were not faithful to your married partner and to worsen the case, you look forward to a 2017 where you’d experiment more rendezvous outside your marital bed. 

You are not married, but fornication was your game in 2016 and you look forward earnestly to acing the game in 2017.

You can’t think of at least 3 productive activities that you did in 2016, and all you think of in 2017 is how you’d increase your internet popularity, street acceptability or probably some other vain ambitions you’ve mapped in your head.

You’ve been a source of worry to family and friends around you due to your lackadaisical attitude but you’re not bothered, after all it’s your life and yea! You only live once.

You’ve had good times in 2016, likewise bad times, there’s been the ugly. But you’ve got to realise that variety is the spice of life. God doesn’t just give us the good, he gives us the variety to shake us up and groom us. The only certain thing is that He promises to be with us when we pass through the fire. 
So if you’ve chosen to allow the bad and ugly times spent in 2016 enter the new year with you, I’m sorry you’re getting it wrong.

Choose a better 2017, find God for yourself. Take an adventure to find Him, develop an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit.

Challenge yourself, dare the impossible, take risks, smile more, be positive, make impact, add to your life catalogue the things you need and do DELETE the things you do not need.

Don’t judge or be too hard on yourself, no matter how bad you’ve fallen, God’s got your back, all you need do is lean on Him.

Do not make the mistake of starting the year without leaning on Him for a blueprint.
Most importantly, forgive yourself,  you owe yourself that much, Christ forgave you even when you weren’t deserving.

Let go of the past, do not dwell on it, focus on the future and spin beautiful stories from it. 

I wish you a blessed and prosperous 2017.

God bless you. 



8 thoughts on “Letting go of 2016 or not 

  1. Hmm… When will I start writing like you gan… Love the piece and every other ones you’ve written… Just don’t stop writing coz I wonder what I’ll do if u do… Great post Stefikal!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I agree, variety is the spice of life. I have to learn that, because I tend to forget that and be so hard on myself.
    Wishing you an amazing year ahead girl!!
    P.S. Your writing skills are quite… wawu!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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