THE BEST 10- Episode 1

Originally posted on the Drive:
And it dropped, she felt her heart race, how on earth was she to explain to Ayo that she had allowed it slip from her hands? She was not a fan of voodoo but the instructions had been specific from the witch doctor. “Do not let it fall, if it…

Chasing the air

​This evening as I walked home, I had a slight not so serious encounter with a lady. She was driving a Toyota Camry car, I only got to see the car model when she drove off. Now believe it or not, it seemed as if every driver on the road was suddenly driving a Camry.  … More Chasing the air

My Pharmacy Story

So I’m not sure if I mentioned being involved in so many random writing gigs last year. All these was done without a functional phone or laptop, the problem now is I don’t have soft or hard copies of most of my work, sadly, nearly all of them. I’ve been trying to retrieve those I … More My Pharmacy Story