Chasing the air

​This evening as I walked home, I had a slight not so serious encounter with a lady. She was driving a Toyota Camry car, I only got to see the car model when she drove off. Now believe it or not, it seemed as if every driver on the road was suddenly driving a Camry. 
I counted over six of them within the less than five minutes walk I had left. But that’s not why I’m writing, you see, I recall some years back when I used to be obsessed with the Camry. I have no idea as to how grand the engine specifications might be but I recall being attracted to this car. 
It was so sleek and fine and attractive to me back then, but as I stared at the too many Toyota ‘Camries’ on the road today, all in different shades of colour, the attraction was gone, it had evaporated with time.(Now if you dash me one out of the goodness of your heart, I’ll still collect sha 😁)
The point I’m trying to drive home is the attraction I used to have for the Camry is gone, now I’m in love with the Toyota Venza… That car is beautiful! Damn!!! 😍
Okay, I need to be serious and really drive my point home. It all got me wondering, why do we kill ourselves over these things? The craze to get the baddass car? Mad gadget? Latest outfits?
You get what I mean? Remember that gadget you wanted to die for years back, would you even take a second glance at it currently? I’m sure we both know the answer to that question. 
I’ve always known this life is a rat race but today it sunk in again. 

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We basically run through life chasing shadows the most of the time, even the very few who stand out to carve a niche for themselves eventually realise it’s all vanity when they have to exit this world.
We chase the air making futile attempts to catch a large volume of it, the lucky and smart ones get a pouch to entrap some amount but with the passage of time and use, the pouch deflates and the struggle continues again. 
There is a pursuit of happiness wired within each and everyone of us, it pushes us to want to get more, be satisfied, live the good life, move through life without breaking a sweat. 
There are times we get to live our fantasies but the truth remains that the air we chase after sometimes gets polluted, sometimes we inhale the pollution without having any catch. Other times, we are fortunate to have not only gotten the fresh air but to have also gotten a catch. 
We all want to be happy. 
To be happy, we shed tears, we get hurt, we hurt others, we show love, we break hearts, we fall ill, we get stressed, we become sleep-starved, and at the end of the cycle we realise that the main essence is far from being achieved. 
Happiness isn’t expensive, or rather it shouldn’t be. But the rat race we’ve entangled ourselves in has inflated it’s price. 
To get a single dose of happiness, we are moved to compromise our stand, we kick out innocent people from the tracks and sometimes snatch the little pouches they manage to have in their hands.
The vicious cycle continues and we do not realise we are part of it, but we are. I am rambling about too many points at the same time and I hope you pick at least one, and if you’re lucky, pick all. 
But this vicious cycle goes on, you are in it, I am too. We ignore the less privileged in our societies, after all we have our own problems. We are quick to give a drop-down list of our many woes when given the chance. Yet we chase after luxuries of life that soon enough bore us out with time. 
But why? 
Why have we been configured this way? 
Why do we have to struggle through life? 
Why do we have to worry about the future? 
Why should the poor be neglected in our society? 
Why do we earn only to spend almost all our income on essential and non-essentials? 
Why? 😞
But then it’s life, it’s the race, the rat race. 
Unfortunately we all get to run whether we like it or not, at some point in our lives, we get on the tracks and run. 
If and when you do meet me on the tracks, please be nice, I promise to be nice too.
Be nice to all you meet, it’s the least we can do to help us get the happiness we all deserve at an affordable price too. 
That price is love, please endeavor to pay it! 


14 thoughts on “Chasing the air

  1. Very nice piece. Happiness does not come from something external, it stems from within. External factors only add or reduce it. Happiness is the essence of our existence. And it is found in Christ.

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