Baby, you should love yourself. 😍 

You know it’s funny how everyone is quick to talk about achieving greatness and being superb and all that. I totally endorse it though, but I think there’s an issue that should be addressed alongside, Self-love.
Now I don’t mean self-love in the sense of you being obsessed with your ego and refusing criticisms and corrections. Not at all! You should identify people who truly care and constructively criticise you. Assessing and applying such criticisms after thorough assessment is essential for your growth and betterment. 
I’d try to breakdown what I mean by self-love but then – this is just my opinion. 
We all have flaws, we are humans! For some of us, we don’t have that chiseled face we wish we had. Or that drop dead gorgeous body. 
For others, it could be our bank statements that aggravate us. Why don’t we have enough like Mr. RichyRich? 
Why are we not academic geniuses like Miss HottyBrains? 
Why can’t we sing like her? 
Why don’t we command respect like he does? 
Why don’t we earn as much as them? 
Why? Why? Why? 
The truth is, so long as we still live in this messed up world, there’d always be one or two persons more advantaged than us in a particular thing.
There’d always be at least one human you can point to who does this or that better than you do. 
You see, as much as you want to be better; you want to sing better, earn more, dance better, play the guitar, whatever your goals might be. The truth remains that you’d likely come across someone who does that thing better than you. 
You’d probably feel the emotions of envy boiling through your soul, if you’re very emotional, you’d possibly assault your pillow with tears or smash some ‘smashables’. 
But as much as the truth remains that we can be better, never forget that there’s someone who you probably have(will) never notice(d). Someone who envies you and wishes they were in your shoes. 
Yea! There’s someone who also wants to be like you while you’re busy hating yourself. 
Dear friend, you should love yourself. Love who you are, appreciate your present achievements no matter how small you think they are. Give yourself a pat at the back and remind yourself that this isn’t the end of you. 

Yea! I repeat. Love who you are. 
Remember the story of the guy who kept complaining that he had no shoes but later had a rethink when he met someone with no legs? Now, you get the drift right? 
You might not have hit target yet but be grateful that you’re not where you used to be. 😉
I’m not asking you to settle for less but while you’re yet to get to that desired peak, appreciate how far you’ve come. Laugh at the mistakes you made, smile at the maturity you’ve built. And love the you you currently are. 
Aim for greatness! 
Be grateful for how far you’ve come!!
Love yourself!!! 


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