THE BEST 10- Episode 1

Hey guys, check out a story I wrote some months back. I think close to a year. Yes! It’s complete. I’ve not forgotten my promise not to upload any uncompleted story. 😁

Read and invite your friends to read too.

the Drive - positively influencing the youth through content inspired by the truth found in Christ

And it dropped, she felt her heart race, how on earth was she to explain to Ayo that she had allowed it slip from her hands? She was not a fan of voodoo but the instructions had been specific from the witch doctor.
“Do not let it fall, if it does you’d run mad instantly”, the words he had said so coldly to her.

How many seconds more would it take for her sanity to vanish, she wondered as she stared at the yolk and fragmented egg shells on the floor. How many seconds more?

Seven days ago

“Only ten applicants would be picked across the nation. We wish you all the very best, currently there are only a thousand of you left out of the fifteen thousand applications submitted at the start of this competition. The truth however is that the best ten would be picked on not just…

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