Pseudo-whisper: A short story. 

I watched as Aunty Chichi giggled and laughed hysterically, I could hear the sirens from a distance. Someone had definitely called the police.
“You thought you were better than me, okwia?” Aunty Chichi spoke to no one in particular amidst laughter, I was scared that she would repeat the tale she had said several times over the past twenty minutes.

“Aunty, please reduce your voice.” I pleaded while trying to pull her out of the crowd that was beginning to gather. I wondered what made her drink alcohol today at Papa Nkem’s burial. She hardly took alcohol but on days when she did, the aftermath was embarrassing and sad to behold.

“My voice is low, very low,” she laughed and made an expression with her face, this was the same expression she had given passersby while constituting a nuisance all the while. 

“Let me tell you a secret,” she continued while placing her index finger on her lips, a gesture I assumed she thought indicated how big of a secret it was. 

“I killed Ada, I poisoned her!” She stopped laughing and attempted to mimic the popular ‘shakiti bobo’ dance.

“She thought she could steal my man and go scot free, lies, I won.” She laughed again. 

I knew Aunty Ada, they had been best friends or so I thought, she had died mysteriously two months ago after her neck became swollen without medical explanation. 

The sound of the handcuffs placed on Aunty Chichi’s hands by the police officer interjected my thoughts.

“You are under arrest madam,” I did not get to hear all the police officer said probably because I zoned out, I was transfixed to the spot and ashamed. 

My aunty had committed a crime, and she had confessed while ‘pseudo-whispering’ in her drunken state.

Told you it was short, didn’t I? 

So this was my entry for the Etisalat flash fiction 2016. It was particularly tasking for me as the word count was a maximum of 300words (a rule I think wasn’t exactly followed). 

If you don’t know how short 300 words is, it’s really short oooo. It was a challenge but I was able to write a story that short. 

 I didn’t win, sadly nobody did (an annoying ordeal that I still believe the judges caused). I’m not sure I even had upto 30 votes on my story. I had just finished exams and had to round off my project work. I didn’t have a smartphone at the time and the site had technical issues so canvassing for votes wasn’t  exactly easy. 

But yea! They are all excuses, it was however sad that the judges claimed they could not find a winner out of the many entries and they used lack of creativity as an excuse. I beg to differ! 

Creativity exists! Creativity lives! It’s just right before you! 

All you need do is open your eyes and heart.

Meanwhile, let me know what you ‘honestly’ think about this very short story of mine. I’d love to know. Constructive criticisms only, please. 😊


8 thoughts on “Pseudo-whisper: A short story. 

  1. Bebe.. It’s short alright. .. But captivating… Pls make it long and let’s know how best friends became enemies… I want a full long story o.. Keep up the good work dear..

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  2. Yo tried you see, could be better though. Looks to me like you really watch nollywood movies a lot .😊

    You for potentials sha, you just keep on improving yourself

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hunny… This is good and i sincerely know how short 300words can be… but cause I know you personally, I feel you could have done more, for Christ’s sake, you are Steph!!

    Well-done hun, keep it up but do better! I love you too :* :* :*

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Its pretty cool to read this over again even after my first encounter with it on the etisalat page. Its disappointing though that the competition went off scrappily. The short story is great. Love your writeups all the time.

    Liked by 1 person

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