Hi blog, 

This is just me writing to you to let you know I’ve not forgotten you. The thing is I’ve had a flat battery for the most of this week. It just seems like there’s something up with the electricity sources these days. I really need a power bank. 

It’s either the generator has fault or is under repair and at home, the prepaid meter has run out. To worsen matters, NEPA abi is it PHCN, I think there’s a new name too. 


The light just came on. My mouth is still open, aaaarrghh! 

God is good. 

My phone can charge. 😥😅

Well having a dead phone has advantages and disadvantages sha, for one a lot of important work I should have done have been left lying fallow. 

But then the freedom of having a break from some ‘senrere’. Decrypt if you will. 

Sha sha, let me leave this phone to charge. TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN I STILL NEED A POWER BANK SHA. 😮😮😮

Blog, you know I love you right. We know how we roll na. 

Ama see ya later. 



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