2017 – Purpose Redefined

Hi blog, 

So I’ve told a few friends how 2013 was a year of discovery for me. It was a full package in that the year 2013 was full of variety. 

I won’t delve into details but it was a year of discovery for me. 

But you see, the past few weeks I’ve taken a moment – more like a break, a fast, a pause. From the internet, food, sugar. Lol, and what not. 

One word is… I got separated from a lot of things and unto one key thing. 

And I have answers to some stuff now tho. 

But blog, just wanted to inform you that yours truly beyond being an inspirational writer is now a Christian author. 

Yes, you heard right! I’m now delving into Christian fiction, I know some people might not like this but yea! That’s how things are gonna roll. 

I’d still write inspirational stuff, but I won’t be caught writing anything that won’t glorify God. 

Any story I’d post here would most likely be Christian fiction. (Yea, yea. I’ve not forgotten my promise not to update any story without completing it first). 

And I have a completed one, it’s titled OJU YOBO. 

You’ll get to read it soon. 

But sha, purpose has been redefined for me and I’m just hinting you on a little aspect. 😉😉😉

About Meant To Be. I honestly have lost inspiration for that story and I apologize to readers who were really following. If and when I do complete it, it would be as a book and as Christian fiction too. 😃

Thanks for understanding. 


Stephanie. 😘


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