Depression Hangover

Hey blog, 

I didn’t get to tell you but I started a story in January, completed it in February. Tried to make a cover picture (not professional tho) and created awareness on facebook and whatsapp. 

The title of the story is “Oju Yobo”.

And it bothers on the life of a teenager who is depressed and nursing suicidal thoughts. 

I am yet to publish it because I was still trying to tweak a few things and was yet to decide on what platform to publish. 

But you see this week, a lot has happened. 

In church on Sunday, a medical orientation  program that bothered on depression held. 

Later that evening, a man committed suicide in Lagos out of depression. 

Yesterday, I heard a woman also nearly tried to take her life too somewhere close to MazaMaza. 

Today, a friend mentioned that someone came to his pharmacy demanding for overdose of drugs to take his life. 

It’s really not funny no more. It never was anyways. 

What’s happening

And the World Health Organisation has projected depression to be the second commonest cause of death come 2020.

This year’s world health day is bothered on depression. 

Let’s be sensitive to people around us, show care, let’s be our brother’s keeper. πŸ˜” 

And suicide isn’t the solution even if it feels like it. 😩 I can’t pen down every thoughts but let’s not take this for granted. 

Don’t feel awkward about seeing a psychiatrist if you need to. Get professional help if you need to. Talk to someone. 

Things can get better. Things should get better. Things will get better. 

I care. 


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