A trip to June 2016.

Hey blog, 

Permit me to share some nuggets from my jotter. I happened to attend a program (Minds & Missions) on the 10th of June last year, organised by Miss Kemi Olawoye.

There were 3 amazing women who spoke, these women practically changed my thought process with their words and stories that day. 

I somehow wish I had a recording as jottings can’t exactly express all I heard. A lot of people have the opinion that programs like this are overrated. 

The question is: “After all, we know what they will say?”


One trick I’ve learnt over the years is to keep an open mind. 

If you want to learn, you have to be hungry and receptive, but don’t be a dumping ground. 

The truth is knowledge mostly gets recycled. An hungry mind opens your heart to learn, unlearn, relearn through your very own self analytical system. 

I’m talking too much. I resist the temptation to digress. 

The speakers were:

Gloria Edozien

Debola Deji-Kurunmi

Adeola Ajani

Now the nuggets from my jottings. .. 


  • On the journey to self-discovery, check your life experiences, heartbreak, family. 
  • Some people find purpose in their pain, experiences, strength, enjoyment. 
  • Understand how you are different. 
  • Accept yourself. 
  • Your experiences are meant to shape you not break you. 
  • Tell people how to treat you. (Self esteem). 
  • Be careful who you allow into your space. 
  • Realise who the ‘takers’and ‘givers’ are in your life and set boundaries. 
  • Focus on your strengths, doing this gives you less time to be jealous and helps you to be genuinely happy for others. 
  • Everybody likes validation but you have to find your internal validation.
  • Trust your spiritual journey. Trust that God is for you. 


  • Long only for God’s approval. 
  • Society made us pay attention to things that we could not do rather than things we could do. 
  • Take the driver seat of your life away from society. Whenever you choose to start it is when your life begins. 
  • Interact with the woman on your inside. 
  • Your purpose is not far from you: the stirrings in your heart, the things you get angry about, the things your friends tell you about. 
  • There is no big/small purpose. Say no to comparison!
  • Love the woman in you because you’re gonna be with her for life. 
  • Have a Davidic confidence, you don’t need Saul’s armor just the name of the Lord, a sling and a stone. 
  • Change the game by engaging higher wisdom. 
  • Do an audit of your friends. 
  • Watch out for people who leave you with positive energy and not negative energy. 
  • You need popped up energised energy.


  • Your values make or break you. 
  • In the journey of self-discovery, you need to know where God wants you per time.
  • There are different seasons of your life. Discover God’s seasons for your life. 
  • David was able to decode the signals of his life by always longing for God. 
  • As Christians, live your life from within to without. 
  • Stay with God’s word – every single thing about your life is in the word. 

General (Question & answer segment):

  • A teachable spirit is part of self-acceptance so as to allow sself-motivation.
  • Education doesn’t necessarily point you to your destiny but it prepares you for it. 
  • The world celebrates your gifts(talents) but God looks at your fruits. 
  • There are times you need to shut your ears to the world and be prepared to dance in the rain. 
  • Fall back, fall on your knees and fall in the word. 

That’s where I’d stop guys, in case you’re a male and some of the points got you wondering, chill okay. 

It was a girls only program, that’s why. 😉

Do share your thoughts and let me know the nuggets which particularly spoke to you. 


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