Oju Yobo: Episode Three


The commotion I heard coming from the sitting room had gotten me to bolt out of my room. I had heard father raising his voice at mother, it all sounded scary. 

They hardly ever shouted at each other, mother especially was not one to be caught in an argument. The noise and raised voices had been persistent for the past few minutes but I had kept shrugging it off in my sleep. Sleep had been my next source of comfort after I had decided to postpone my plans because of Fisayo. I had practically cried myself to sleep.

The commotion from my parents that was threatening to interrupt this sleep had better be worth it. Tomorrow was the day, I might as well as just utilise the little time I had left with my pillow. 

The sound of a loud wail was all that had been needed for me to abandon the comfort of the mat that I had been lying on over the past few hours. 

I ran to the sitting room and strangely the room became suddenly quiet as soon as I arrived. 

I stared askance at both my parents who also gave me a bewildered look. There was something about their expressions, mother’s face had a sad look laced with some other emotion I could not fathom. 

She looked like she was going to throw up. I wondered if she had been that agitated from the argument that had ensued between her and father. 

Father on the other hand looked at me, heaved before settling on the chair close to him. His expression was as though he was struggling to let out a lot of bad air from his system. 

I did not like the fact that my parents were arguing by this time of the day, it was evening and they ought to be resting from their day activity. I wondered why father was home early but pushed away the thought, it was not exactly important.

I particularly did not like the fact that my parents had gone mute ever since I ran into the room. 

And like a flash my eye caught it, it was right there.

How could it be here? 

This made no sense to me. I stared at it and for a brief moment I felt like nothing else was in existence. It felt like I was the only human in the room. 

It was just us. Just me and it. 

It sat like royalty on the centre table just beside where mother stood. It was as though it smiled and waved at me, whereas my brain cells chose to shut down. 

All I remember seeing was pitch darkness and voices fading off in the background. 

I had been too engrossed to even notice that my parents were not the only human occupants in the room.

To be continued.

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