Oh baby! Send me ya nudes. 

Ovie took a second look at her facebook chat. This time, she took her time and stared with scrutiny.  

How could her uncle ask her to send him naked pictures of her? Not that he was her biological uncle. But over the years, he had become family and had been regarded as such. 

She scrolled through their chats. Perhaps, this was a mistake. It had to be! He must have been meaning to send it to his wife and not her. 

His wife was not in town. He probably missed her. This could be their own way of keeping in touch. Not that it was her business. 

But her father had not bought her a phone to send nudes to anyone. Much more to a pot-bellied, awkward-moustache, huge-lips old man in his late fifties. 

She typed.

Uncle? I think you’re mistaking me for your wife.

She was quick to add, lol

And although she wasn’t laughing, she wanted to quickly right this mistake. 

Yes, I know now. And you really should stop calling me uncle. Oya, send me one picture. Just a quick sharp one.

Her brain cells froze. She had no idea she was already on her feet. 

Was he drunk? Could his phone have been stolen? This made no sense. Someone needed to pour ice on her. She was heating up and ice probably would not do. 

Wasn’t he a deacon? Or what was it her parents said he did in his church?

She could block him. Better safe than sorry. Her attempt to block was interrupted by the ringing of her phone. 


Now he was calling. The alarms had gone off. This was serious. 

She had to act fast. 

She would never send her nudes to him. She knew better. 

Besides Jesus didn’t die for her to spread her nudes around. 

Then it hit her! 

The smile on her face could intimidate the sun in all it’s glory. 

Google to the rescue. 

She had perfect pictures ready to be sent. 

Few clicks. Pictures sent. A wink emoji followed subsequently. 

Minutes later. No response. The heat was gone. Replaced with a fat, broad and healthy grin. 

She was enjoying this now. This was fun! 


She tried to send. The response she received got her to dance. 

A good quick dance it was. She had been blocked.  

She laughed. Blocking had been the goal either way. But he could at least feed on the pictures she had sent him. 

Pictures of Jesus crucified on the cross. 
©Stephanie Ugbor 


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