NOW and ALWAYS – A Short Story

As she sipped the last bits of her Fanta, a smile travelled from Bibi’s heart through her lips to her eyes. It was a smile that screamed content, peace, happiness and warmth all at the same time. 

The movie was almost over, but unlike the numerous laughing bouts they had shared along with others in the cinema; this smile was one she wanted to retain for life. 
She tapped Bayo on his left arm. 
He turned his gaze from the screen and raised his brows, feigning a frown that failed to conceal his smile. 
“I feel pity for all the women in here.” She said with seriousness. 
He loosened the fake frown, sat up and asked the question she was very much expecting. 
“But why?”
“Because they don’t have you B, you’re mine!”
The movie had been good. Better than she had expected. As they walked out of the mall, Bibi could not suppress her excited thoughts; she would be Bayo’s wife in a month’s time. 
Darn! She couldn’t wait. 
Couldn’t wait to be his, in every sense of the word. Their decision to stay chaste out of their love for Christ had been tried severally and today felt like her hormones were ready to set her on fire. 
“Darling,” Bayo called her attention. “Do you think we could take separate cabs today?”
“Oh sweetie! Yes please!” She didn’t realise she was practically screaming. 
He laughed. “So it’s doing you too? And I was feeling like one carnal fellow since.”
“Go joor! You think I didn’t notice you muttering under your breath bah.” She smirked. 
They both laughed. He had been praying in tongues under his breath for the past few minutes. 
He however knew they honestly needed to be apart soon enough if they desired to stay true to God. And they sure did want to be faithful, their love for Christ compelled them greatly. 
Na wa oh, and the movie was purely comedy,” Bibi spoke with a frown. “Not even a romantic movie, how he take dey do us na?”
He smiled and took hold of her right hand. 
“I can’t wait Bibi, I really can’t wait to make you my wife.”
“Me neither B! Me neither.”
He let go of her hand and did a quick, crazy jump amidst laughter. She had witnessed this hysterical act of his before. Nothing new. 
“You don’t know what holding your hands alone is doing to me. Chai!” He stopped jumping but allowed his laughter to flow uninterrupted. 
She calmly replied, “You don’t know how blessed I am to have you.”
“Nah!” He shook his head, “Babes, I am more blessed God gave you me. Honestly!” He said the words slowly but with great emphasis on each one. 
He paused, sighed and continued. “I love you Bibi, I love you now and forever.”
“I love you too my Bayo. I love you so much that I want to just melt in your arms forever baby.”
As she got into the cab Bayo had ordered for her, she stared at him through the window as he spoke with the driver one more time. 
She was truly blessed. She would never have imagined that men like Bayo were in existence. God had used him to teach her a whole lot and he never ceased to give her a sense of belonging and closure. 
Theirs was a friendship that had progressed to courtship eighteen months ago. And in a month’s time, it would further grow into marriage. 
He caught her staring and smiled. A smile she returned coyly. 
He walked towards her and extended his hands through the window reaching for her fingers. 
“I’ll call you.” He smiled. 
“I’d be waiting.”
“Take good care of you for me.”
“Don’t miss me too much.” She giggled. 
“But you know I have no choice na.”
They laughed simultaneously. 
“I love you now and always.” She pursed her lips and smiled. 
“I love you now and forever.”
The sound of the car engine going off broke into their conversation. It interrupted the sparks and emotional fireworks in the vehicle that could char flattened pieces of paper.
“Oga, wetin happen?” Bayo asked. 
“If una don ready, make una tell me. I no fit dey waste fuel.”
Bayo and Bibi smiled. He let go of her fingers and waved. She waved back and looked in his eyes. 
She wanted to drown in those dark brown eyes of his for a lifetime. As the driver ignited the engine and the car begun to move, she felt that familiar flutter in her stomach. 

A flutter she had been getting so much of whenever she was around him or thought of him. 
The driver turned into a different lane and as she watched Bayo’s frame fade off in the background through the rear window, she sighed.
A month to go. 

She would wait. They would wait. 

Along with her sigh, she prayed silently that they’d remain standing in Love and not falling out of Love Himself. 

©Stephanie Ugbor. 2017.

1Jn2:5 But whoso keepeth His word, in him verily is the love of God perfected: hereby know we that we are in Him.

1Jn5:3 For this is the love of God, that we keep His commandments: and His commandments are not grievous.


10 thoughts on “NOW and ALWAYS – A Short Story

  1. This is so good babe
    I can surely relate to this
    Staying true to decisions to be pure requires practical steps and a partner who is ready to go all the way with you
    God bless you dear

    Liked by 1 person

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