Scribbled Thoughts – About my ‘mumu’ button. 

Back in time again…

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Remember I said to watch this space, I’d be adding novel sections, several new segments. And one of it is ‘Scribbled Thoughts’, just my numerous ramblings and musings and talkative self in your view and at your glance . I used to do this mostly on whatsapp and sometime ago on Nairaland. Here’s the first on my blog. Welcome to Stefikal’s world!

So I’ve been less of a writer for too long, I never stopped writing though, how could I? Thank God for all the plenty side gigs that came along. But if you are driven by passion for something say music, drawing, drumming, anything; you’d probably understand the urge I have to write and transform the feelings engulfed within me into words.
This is one of my scribbled thoughts, read it or ignore if you choose. But I hope you don’t.
I had a depressing experience at work today…

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