A trip to June 2016.

Hey blog,  Permit me to share some nuggets from my jotter. I happened to attend a program (Minds & Missions) on the 10th of June last year, organised by Miss Kemi Olawoye. There were 3 amazing women who spoke, these women practically changed my thought process with their words and stories that day.  I somehow … More A trip to June 2016.


Hi blog,  This is just me writing to you to let you know I’ve not forgotten you. The thing is I’ve had a flat battery for the most of this week. It just seems like there’s something up with the electricity sources these days. I really need a power bank.  It’s either the generator has … More I NEED A POWER BANK

Baby, you should love yourself. ๐Ÿ˜ย 

โ€‹ You know it’s funny how everyone is quick to talk about achieving greatness and being superb and all that. I totally endorse it though, but I think there’s an issue that should be addressed alongside, Self-love. Now I don’t mean self-love in the sense of you being obsessed with your ego and refusing criticisms … More Baby, you should love yourself. ๐Ÿ˜ย 

Chasing the air

โ€‹This evening as I walked home, I had a slight not so serious encounter with a lady. She was driving a Toyota Camry car, I only got to see the car model when she drove off. Now believe it or not, it seemed as if every driver on the road was suddenly driving a Camry.  … More Chasing the air