Tale Of Me. 

It was one of those days.  You know, days you felt a little bit below standard. You’re quite sure you’re not the hottest creature breathing through life, but still you know there have been days when you got people to ogle at the charm you exuded.   However, there are exceptions and God help you … More Tale Of Me. 

A trip to June 2016.

Hey blog,  Permit me to share some nuggets from my jotter. I happened to attend a program (Minds & Missions) on the 10th of June last year, organised by Miss Kemi Olawoye. There were 3 amazing women who spoke, these women practically changed my thought process with their words and stories that day.  I somehow … More A trip to June 2016.


Hi blog,  This is just me writing to you to let you know I’ve not forgotten you. The thing is I’ve had a flat battery for the most of this week. It just seems like there’s something up with the electricity sources these days. I really need a power bank.  It’s either the generator has … More I NEED A POWER BANK

Chasing the air

​This evening as I walked home, I had a slight not so serious encounter with a lady. She was driving a Toyota Camry car, I only got to see the car model when she drove off. Now believe it or not, it seemed as if every driver on the road was suddenly driving a Camry.  … More Chasing the air

Where’s my chicken??

MERRY CHRISTMAS 😘😍 to you all… 🙌 Today’s 26th though, forgive me. I had a flat battery for the most of yesterday. Some weeks back, I made a video of myself singing and wishing you guys a Merry Christmas, but WordPress and Airtel network collaborated and refused to allow me shine. 😠 The video has … More Where’s my chicken??

Scribbled Thoughts – About my ‘mumu’ button. 

Remember I said to watch this space, I’d be adding novel sections, several new segments. And one of it is ‘Scribbled Thoughts’, just my numerous ramblings and musings and talkative self in your view and at your glance . I used to do this mostly on whatsapp and sometime ago on Nairaland. Here’s the first … More Scribbled Thoughts – About my ‘mumu’ button.