Penned in history

She claimed to have heard of me. In a bid to find me, she had gotten a recommendation.  A recommendation that drove her to search. Would she find me?  Books she stacked, pages she flipped.  A smile broke out on her face.  Finally she had found me. Eureka! Here was my story inscripted in the … More Penned in history

My “only” crime

“Where have you been?”  Mother’s voice startled me, I had not expected her to be back so soon. What was she doing home this early? She was hardly ever home, she was barely here. How could she be here now?  “Can’t you talk?” She asked again. The hoarseness of her voice scared me. I wanted to … More My “only” crime

All these and more

You’ve been told a lot of beautiful things, but they underplayed the “ugly” intertwined with the beauty.  They failed to remind you of the bad and gory details. They failed to mention how he became an outcast, a criminal, an outlaw. They failed to mention how he was termed crazy and mad. Nobody said anything … More All these and more