“I had been mama’s boy. Do not misinterpret me, I was not the only child of my parents neither was I the only son. I had four siblings and no, I was not the last child of the family if you are beginning to think that. I was the third child of my parents but … More ​JUST ONE

Chasing the air

​This evening as I walked home, I had a slight not so serious encounter with a lady. She was driving a Toyota Camry car, I only got to see the car model when she drove off. Now believe it or not, it seemed as if every driver on the road was suddenly driving a Camry.  … More Chasing the air

Where’s my chicken??

MERRY CHRISTMAS 😘😍 to you all… 🙌 Today’s 26th though, forgive me. I had a flat battery for the most of yesterday. Some weeks back, I made a video of myself singing and wishing you guys a Merry Christmas, but WordPress and Airtel network collaborated and refused to allow me shine. 😠 The video has … More Where’s my chicken??


Walking into the local pharmacy, earnestly praying that luck smiles at me this time. I sight the lady at the counter, “a bottle of Benylin” I requested. She bends and brings out a bottle which she begins to pack almost immediately while muttering something which sounded like the direction for use, she was not actually … More Entangled

Principle For The Week: How much do you know your onions???

Some time ago I was in the kitchen and I had to slice an onion bulb, usually I don’t find slicing onion as a fascinating task and eventually my head is raised and my hands are at a great speed while I slice to avoid stories that touch. But then something spectacular happened, I was … More Principle For The Week: How much do you know your onions???