All these and more

You’ve been told a lot of beautiful things, but they underplayed the “ugly” intertwined with the beauty.  They failed to remind you of the bad and gory details. They failed to mention how he became an outcast, a criminal, an outlaw. They failed to mention how he was termed crazy and mad. Nobody said anything … More All these and more

A trip to June 2016.

Hey blog,  Permit me to share some nuggets from my jotter. I happened to attend a program (Minds & Missions) on the 10th of June last year, organised by Miss Kemi Olawoye. There were 3 amazing women who spoke, these women practically changed my thought process with their words and stories that day.  I somehow … More A trip to June 2016.

Scribbled Thoughts – About my ‘mumu’ button. 

Remember I said to watch this space, I’d be adding novel sections, several new segments. And one of it is ‘Scribbled Thoughts’, just my numerous ramblings and musings and talkative self in your view and at your glance . I used to do this mostly on whatsapp and sometime ago on Nairaland. Here’s the first … More Scribbled Thoughts – About my ‘mumu’ button. 

My Love Story

MY LOVE STORY It seems unethical to bring this story about my life online, to the world, to you reading this right now. But permit me to, you see, the world and its norms coaxed me and I fell, I fell deep for its theories. It’s popular said that ‘A Faithful spouse is hard to … More My Love Story