Tale Of Me. 

It was one of those days.  You know, days you felt a little bit below standard. You’re quite sure you’re not the hottest creature breathing through life, but still you know there have been days when you got people to ogle at the charm you exuded.   However, there are exceptions and God help you … More Tale Of Me. 

Impaled heart 

He watched with admiration from his balcony as she stormed into the building. There was something about how vivacious she walked today. It seemed as though she was a combination of the storm and the whirlwind – fiercely attractive, a little bit terrifying he would say, but all that didn’t break his resolve to want … More Impaled heart 

Watch your tongue!

Originally posted on Stefikal's Blog:
Okay… Iyaf land like aeroplane… Sorry if you don’t understand pidgin, what I’m trying to say is I’ve arrived like an aeroplane would…you just have to notice my presence…#joking. So how was your weekend? And on behalf of me, myself and I, I’m wishing you a splendid week ahead.…

Chronicles of a girl who’s been single all her life.

So guys, I have hot scoop for y’all.  I’m sorry I’ve been away for sometime, but this is my peace offering. 😁 Kindly accept with love. 😉 I met Miss J sometime ago and we got talking. What I’m about to share now isn’t fiction, this is pure non-fiction with little tweaks for confidentiality purposes… … More Chronicles of a girl who’s been single all her life.


“I had been mama’s boy. Do not misinterpret me, I was not the only child of my parents neither was I the only son. I had four siblings and no, I was not the last child of the family if you are beginning to think that. I was the third child of my parents but … More ​JUST ONE