Meant To Be: Episode Fourteen


Princess smiled at the young man staring at her, he obviously did not realise that his mouth was slightly open, since this was the first time he was seeing her she would allow him feed his eyes.

She adjusted the cap on her head and tilted her head to an angle, if the guy wanted a show she was going to provide him with one.
She posed again with her legs in a funny fashion, from the corner of her eyes she could see Chuks laughing and shaking his head.


What was she doing repositioning her cap and tilting her head like that? Was he looking like a photographer? When did the compound suddenly become a photo studio? And how on earth did she make her smile look like it was the most beautiful thing in the world, he heard Chuks laugh.

His brain cells suddenly became alert, if Chuks was laughing, then it meant she was playing with him, she had greeted him and instead of replying he was dumbstruck.

“Hi,” he finally replied.
She gave that killing smile again, who was this girl again?

“Don’t mind my sister, she is just playing with you, Princess meet Femi our neighbour, Femi meet Princess,” Chuks said while still laughing, Princess could be crazy when she chose to be.

“Nice meeting you Mr Femi” she replied.
“Please, Femi it is,” he corrected.
“Okay Femi, see you around then, Chuks I’m waiting outside the gate oh,” she informed Chuks and left.

“Wow, you have a pretty tomboy in your house.” Femi spoke.
“It runs in the family, he no easy make person fine now,” Chuks boasted.
“You dey use scope insult me abiii?” Femi joked
“Arghh! Abeg oh, who talk say you ugly? If I hear,” he laughed, “I’ll see you around tomorrow now, 6am oh” he informed, both men shook hands and Chuks left.

Femi returned to his flat, he went to his room and took off his tee, he just could not get the image of the beautiful lady he just met out of his head. It was as if his head took the photographs of her pose and her smile because they kept on replaying in his head.

Why was she dressed as a tomboy? Or maybe she was just in a crazy mood and then she decided to try out the tomboy style.

Whatever her reason for dressing that way, he really wanted to meet her again.


Osagie read the text message, it was probably the seventh time he was reading it. He could feel the love Sandra had expressed in a mere text. He realised he had taken it too far by misleading her totally, he felt sorry for her, things would have been better had she not fallen in love with him.

He had to reply her text, he was still angry with her for disturbing his wonderful dream. He texted a reply that said he was fine, he avoided any love language in the message. The earlier he minimised his romantic behaviour, the better.

He was worried about Omoye, seeing her tears in his dream had made him feel bad and what did she mean by ‘he left her no choice’? He had to find his sweetheart, enough of this drama already.

He took his phone and dialled Rosie’s number, even if the girl was in Lagos there was no harm in trying to contact her.

She picked on the first ring,
“Hello, Rosie its Osagie,” he informed.
“I know, how levels now?” she greeted.
“ground no level oh,”
“why now, wetin happen?”
“Na your friend” he replied, he wondered if he was doing the right thing, Rosie was Omoye’s friend afterall.

“Wetin she do?” Rosie enquired.
“I’ve not seen her for some time now.” he would just fulfil the reason behind his call, even if it was not right.
“Haba, Osas how you wan see am?”

“Wetin that one mean now?” he asked, what was Rosie driving at?
“No be Lagos you dey, she dey Benin, so how the seeing wan happen?” she laughed.

He sighed, she did not know he was in Benin? Was it impossible for her not to know about Omoye’s whereabouts?

“I don land Benin yesterday and Omoye don pack her things even carry Victor go, abeg Rosie na God I take beg you, you know where them dey?” he pleaded.

“No ooo, ehn? She pack ke? Why she no informate me now?” she queried, it sounded ridiculous that Omoye would move out, but where could the girl possibly have gone?

“Rosie, na God I take beg you.” he continued begging.
“Osas, I serious I no know where Omo go oh, she no yarn me at all.” why would Omoye plan to move out and not even enlighten her, it was not as if she would have discouraged her, she felt bad that Omoye did not even seek her advice and now she was worried about her wellbeing.

“Rosie, I know say you go wan support your friend, but I need to know if she and Victor are safe.”
Osagie had resorted to speaking english, now this was serious.
“Osas, truth to God, I no know where she dey, infact the last time way I see or hear from Omo na when she come my place for Lagos.”

“What? Lagos?” Osagie shouted.

*to be continued*


2 thoughts on “Meant To Be: Episode Fourteen

  1. Aha!!!osas don enter am…av bin following dis story from nairaland just saw dis link n I clicked on it…hmmmn stefkal dis ur story is now begining 2make sense evrytin is now coming into place so all dis while princess stays in d same house as femi…hmmm I see sumtin lyk ‘luv collabo happenin…nice work stef


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