Watch your tongue!

Iyaf land like aeroplane… Sorry if you don’t understand pidgin, what I’m trying to say is I’ve arrived like an aeroplane would…you just have to notice my presence…#joking.

So how was your weekend? And on behalf of me, myself and I, I’m wishing you a splendid week ahead.

Okay, so something happened to me recently (It seems something always happens, right?). Well, in life its necessary that we pick lessons from everyday events that happen to us.

So back to the topic, there is this lady who owes my mum some cash, she came to see my mum so they could discuss. My mum was praying and she gave me a book to show to the woman, the book shows details of their transaction and how much the woman owes.

I walk up to the woman who is obviously pissed off by God knows what and before I say Jack, she begins to yell at me saying I’m rude, spoilt, disrespectful and bla bla bla.

Mind you, I did not say anything, I simply came to explain things to her but she transferred her agression to me.

My mum who senses the situation of things comes to my rescue and resolves the whole deal with the madam.

Days after the lady stops talking to my mum and I noticed that so many other people were acting strange to me, luckily a friend of the ‘agressive’ lady (forgive my choice of words) walks up to me counselling me on my attitude and even makes reference to her friend.

That was when I realised this lady went around tarnishing my reputation, telling people different stuffs about me. Honestly, I was hurt, I mean I did nothing that warranted her spoiling my name now, did I?

And that got me thinking, why do people do things without considering if someone gets hurt? I mean its not fair, so please and please, this advice is for everybody including me, lets watch what we say…

The tongue has power, control yours.

Thank you.

P.S. Its saddening that everyday the number of views on my blog increase but people don’t comment or even share the posts on facebook or twitter. Please I’d love to hear from you, do drop your comments.


8 thoughts on “Watch your tongue!

  1. good advice…our tongues should herald goodnews. if u have issues with anyone trash out the issues withe person involved. transfer of aggression is a very unhealthy defence mechanism.


  2. That’s right sister Stefikal,the smallest member of one’s body but the strongest..,our tongue can do and undo,bless and curse;but the most important thing is to positively make use of it, just as Paulinus has said…………you are doing wonderfully well here sis,more grease to your elbows.


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